Subnautica Console Commands For PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5

In the mesmerizing world of Subnautica, an underwater adventure game that has captivated players worldwide, lies a hidden treasure to further elevate your gaming experience – console commands. These powerful codes and text strings allow you to unlock a realm of possibilities, shaping the game according to your fancies. Console commands in Subnautica also allow players to access various features, spawn items, and alter gameplay settings, providing a more customized and enjoyable experience.

So, embark on a journey through Subnautica’s vast and critically acclaimed oceanic expanse, where awe-inspiring wonders await your discovery. Traverse through vibrant underwater landscapes, unearthing the secrets that lay dormant beneath the waves.

1. What Are Console Commands?

The console’s commands enable the player to remove curtains to reveal the hidden potential of this game. So, Console commands are some codes or you can say that text strings that help the player to trigger various actions in this game. These commands are also great companions for players which enables them to experiment, debug, and customize the game according to their likes.

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2. How to Access the Console in Subnautica

Subnautica Console Commands
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Before you can start using console commands, you need to access the in-game console. Follow these simple steps:

  1. PC (Steam Version): Initiate the console and press F3 to open the sub-menu, then tick the checkbox of the “Disable Console” option. To activate the console, press F8, and with finally press Enter.
  2. Xbox One: Press LB, RB, A, and X simultaneously to open the console.
  3. PS 4 and PS 5: Press L1, R1, Square, and X simultaneously to open the console.

3. Basic Console Commands for Subnautica

3.1. Spawn Items

You can use console commands to spawn various items in the game, including resources, tools, and even vehicles. For example, typing “item titanium 5” will grant you 5 units of titanium.

3.2. Toggle Creative Mode

Activate creative mode with the “creative” command, allowing you to build and explore freely without resource limitations.

3.3. Teleportation

The “warp” command lets you teleport to specific locations on the map, making exploration more convenient and efficient.

4. Advanced Console Commands for Subnautica

4.1. Managing Environment

Alter the game’s environment using commands like “daynightspeed” to adjust the time cycle or “entreset” to reset all entities in the game.

4.2. Altering Gameplay Settings

Customize gameplay mechanics with commands like “oxygen” to enable unlimited oxygen or “nocost” to disable resource costs for building and crafting.

4.3. Debugging Tools

For advanced players and modders, Subnautica also offers various debugging commands to identify and fix issues within the game.

5. Utilizing Console Commands Effectively

5.1. Use with Caution

Console commands present an unprecedented level of freedom, but use them with caution to avoid any damage to your game.

5.2. Experiment and Explore

Console commands provide an opportunity to experiment and explore aspects of the game that might otherwise remain hidden. So, Embrace the freedom they offer and enjoy new discoveries.

6. Conclusion

Subnautica’s console commands unlock a world of possibilities for players, allowing them to shape their gaming journey in the underwater realm. So, from the abundance of resources to the very essence of gameplay mechanics, your journey through the underwater realm is destined to remain enthralling and vibrant by these commands, even through multiple playthroughs.

Top Useful Subnautica Console Commands to Enhance Your Gameplay

Below is a collection of the most valuable codes to enhance your Subnautica odyssey that will help the player in their gameplay.

Godmode: Invincibility for Ultimate Safety

Embrace the invincibility bestowed by the “godmode ” command, rendering your player impervious to harm. Fearlessly explore the depths of Subnautica without worrying.

Noclip: Move Freely Through Solid Obstacles

The “noclip ” command empowers you to go beyond the limitations of solid objects, moving effortlessly through walls and terrains. It allows you to move freely, reaching areas that were previously inaccessible.

Give Items Effortlessly with Giveitem Command

The giveitem [item name] [amount] command lets you acquire specific items instantly. No need to search extensively; just enter the command with the desired item’s name and the quantity you want.

Summon Creatures at Will with Spawn Command

Bring creatures of your choice to life using the spawn [creature name] [amount] command. Whether you need companionship or want to challenge yourself with formidable foes, this command delivers.

Warp to Specific Locations with Ease

Navigating through Subnautica’s vast world can be time-consuming, but the warp [x] [y] [z] command offers a quick solution.So, enter the coordinates, and teleport to any spot you desire.

Manage Time with the Time Command

If you wish to control the time of day in the game, the time [hour] command is your go-to option. Witness stunning sunrises or explore the depths under the veil of night.

Change the Game Mode for Diverse Experiences

Subnautica provides different game modes to suit your preferences. Use the following commands to switch between them:

  • freedom: Embrace Free mode, allowing you to build and destroy anything with no restrictions.
  • creative: Dive into Creative mode, granting unlimited resources and eliminating the need to eat or drink.
  • survival: Return to the default mode, Survival, for a challenging and immersive experience.

How to Use Console Commands

To utilize a console command, press the tilde (~) key to open the console, type the command, and press Enter. For instance, to summon a menacing Reaper Leviathan, simply type spawn reaper and press Enter.

Complete List of Subnautica Console Commands

Here is a comprehensive list of console commands in Subnautica:

  • all: Displays a list of all available console commands.
  • allowdebugconsole: Enables the console in non-dev builds.
  • bioticsamplecount: Reveals the number of biotic samples in your inventory.
  • breach: Causes a breach in your vehicle.
  • cheat: Enables cheats.
  • clearinventory: Clears your inventory.
  • cure: Cures your player of the Kharaa bacterium.
  • debugmode: Activates debug mode.
  • disablegodmode: Disables godmode.
  • disablenoclip: Deactivates noclip.
  • disablesurvivalmode: Turns off survival mode.
  • enablegodmode: Allows godmode.
  • enablenoclip: Grants noclip ability.
  • enablesurvivalmode: Enables survival mode.
  • enabledebugconsole: Activates the console in non-dev builds.
  • giveitem: Gives you the specified item or amount of items.
  • gravity: Adjusts gravity in the game world.
  • goto: Teleports your player to the specified location.
  • heal: Fully restores your player’s health.
  • invisible: Makes your player invisible.
  • item: Lists all available items in the game.
  • kill: Causes the player to die.
  • list: Provides a comprehensive list of all console commands.
  • noclip: Activates noclip mode.
  • nodamage: Turns off damage.
  • playerinfection: Sets your player’s Kharaa bacterium infection level.
  • respawn: Respawns your player at the last saved location.
  • save: Saves your progress in the game.
  • spawn: Summons the specified creature or a number of creatures.
  • time: Sets the time of day.
  • warp: Teleports your player to the specified coordinates.

Enjoy experimenting with these commands and unlocking new possibilities in your Subnautica adventure! Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so use them wisely to make your gameplay more enjoyable and exciting. Happy exploring!


Are console commands available in Subnautica on all platforms?

Yes, console commands are available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of Subnautica.

Will using console commands affect achievements or progress?

Enabling the console will disable achievements, but using commands won’t affect your overall progress in the game.

Are console commands reversible?

Some commands can be reversed or reset, while others might require starting a new game to revert to the default settings.

Can console commands cause glitches or crashes?

Misusing console commands can potentially cause glitches or crashes, so use them responsibly.

Can I use console commands in Subnautica Below Zero?

Yes, Subnautica Below Zero also supports console commands in a similar manner to the original game.

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