Varjo XR 4 Specs: Professional Mixed Reality Headsets Series

The Varjo XR-4 Series is a line of 💡professional mixed reality (MR)🚀 headsets released in 2023 having📊 extraordinary specs. The headsets offer advanced features, 🌐including high-resolution displays, a wide field of view, and🎯 Autofocus. They are designed for various 💼professional applications, including training, 🛠️simulation, design, and👓 manufacturing.

Technical Specs of Varjo XR 4

Varjo XR 4 Series Specs Explored and Examined
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The Varjo XR 4 is the base model💫 of the XR-4 Series. It has see-through technology, 🌈which allows users to see the real world through the headset.

Dual LED Displays

This VR headset 💡features two advanced mini-LED displays, 🖥️providing users with a visually stunning 👁️and immersive experience.

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Resolution at 51 PPD

Boasting an impressive 🎨resolution of 3840 x 3744 pixels, 📐this headset delivers sharp 🔍and detailed visuals 👀at 51 Pixels Per Degree (PPD).

Field of View

🌈💫 With a wide field of view of 120 degrees 🌐horizontally and 105 degrees vertically, users can enjoy a broad 👀and lifelike perspective in their⬅️ virtual environment.

DCI-P3 Color Space

📊🌐 This feature ensures accurate and vibrant color🌈 reproduction, with 98% coverage of the sRGB color space 🎨and 96% coverage of the 🖌️DCI-P3 color space.

Refresh Rate

🚀🌈 The headset delivers a high refresh rate🔄 of 90 Hz, ensuring smooth 🎮and realistic motion, contributing to a more comfortable💨 and immersive experience.

Brightness Specs of Varjo XR 4

👀✨ Regardless of ambient lighting,💡 the display maintains visibility 🌅with a brightness level of 200 nits, 🔆providing clarity in various environments.

Passthrough Cameras

🌐🔍Equipped with 20-megapixel passthrough cameras,📸 users can seamlessly integrate elements from the real world 🌍into their virtual experience.


🔄🔍 The passthrough feature maintains a high level of detail 🌐from the cameras, allowing for a smooth transition 👀between the virtual 💫and real environments.

Inside-out Tracking

🎮🌐 Advanced inside-out tracking 💨technology enables users to move naturally within the virtual space 🔄without the need for🔍 external sensors.

ART and OptiTrack Support via API

🔄🌐 The headset supports industry-leading tracking systems🛤️ such as ART and OptiTrack through its API, 🔄expanding compatibility 🕹️and possibilities for interaction.

LiDAR with 7m Range

🌐💻 With a LiDAR sensor 📏boasting 300 thousand pixels and a 7-meter range, the headset ensures precise spatial 🛰️awareness and safe navigation👁️ in virtual environments.

Eye Tracking

The ultra-responsive eye tracking at 200 Hz💨 enhances interaction 👀by accurately capturing and responding 🔄to users’ eye movements.

Auto-IPD Specs of Varjo XR 4

📏👀The Auto-IPD feature 💻automatically adjusts the interpupillary distance, 🔄customizing the viewing experience for each user.

Varjo Controllers Included

Intuitive controllers are included, providing users👥 with a natural and user-friendly way to navigate🔄 and interact within the virtual world.

Spatial Audio Specs of Varjo XR 4

🌐💫 The inclusion of DTS 3D Spatial Audio✨ delivers a realistic👂 and immersive sound experience, 🔊enhancing the overall sensory engagement.

Noise-Cancelling Microphones

👥🔄🌍 Equipped with noise-canceling microphones,🎙️ the headset ensures clear communication by eliminating background noise 🔇during virtual collaborations.

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Zero Gravity Comfort Fit

🌌💫 Designed for weightless comfort,👂 the headset’s ergonomic design allows for extended wear 💤without causing discomfort, ensuring an enjoyable🕶️ and immersive experience.

Technical Specs of Varjo XR 4 Focal

The Varjo XR-4 Focal is an enhanced iteration of the XR-4, priced at 9,990 €/$ with no required subscription. All specs are inclusive 🔍 of the base model 🌐 Varjo xr 4, differing only 🔄 in the 51 💡 PPD passthrough 🔍 with Autofocus.

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Technical Specs of Varjo XR-4 Secure Edition

The Varjo XR-4 Secure Edition is designed for use in secure environments. It meets TAA 🌐 (Technical Assistance Agreement) requirements 🔒 and is certified 🔄 for use 💡 in classified environments. It also has additional security features, 🔒 such as a tamper-proof boot 🛡️ and a hardware firewall.

  • Pricing on request. 💲
  • No subscription 💳 is required.
  • Manufactured in 🌍 Finland 🇫🇮 TAA compliant
  • 🔐 No online connectivity 🌐 requirements
  • 🔒 Non-RF configurable. 🚫

Specs of Varjo XR 4 for Gaming

The Varjo XR-4 is a powerful 💡mixed-reality headset 🔍 that offers a number of features 🔧 that could be beneficial for🎮 gaming, including:

  • High resolution: The Varjo XR-4 has a resolution of 🌟3840 x 3744 pixels, significantly higher👁️ than most consumer🌈 VR headsets. This means that images will appear 💡sharper and more realistic.
  • Wide field of view: The Varjo XR-4 has a field of view of 120° x 105°🌐, wider than most consumer 👀VR headsets. This provides a more🌈 immersive experience.
  • Autofocus: The Varjo XR-4 has an autofocus feature that automatically🔄 adjusts the lenses’ focus 👁️‍🗨️according to the user’s viewing 🚀distance. This helps to eliminate eye strain👁️ and improve the🔍 user experience.

These features could make the Varjo XR-4 a 👍 good choice for gaming, especially for games that require a high level of immersion or detail. For example, the Varjo XR-4 could be a 👍 good choice for flight simulators, racing games, or role-playing games.

However, using the Varjo XR-4 for gaming also has some 🚩 potential drawbacks. The headset is 💰 expensive, with a starting 💲 price of around $10,000. It is also 🏋️‍♂️ heavy, weighing in at 640 grams. Additionally, the Varjo XR-4 has 🚫 limited software compatibility. Only a few games are currently available that are 🔄 designed to work with the headset.

Overall, the Varjo XR-4 could be a 👍 good choice for gaming for those willing to 💸 spend money and looking for the most immersive ✨and realistic experience possible. However, it is important to know the potential 🚩 drawbacks before purchasing.

Examples: Varjo XR 4 for Gaming

Here are some specific examples🌟 of how the Varjo XR 4 could be used for 🎮 gaming:

  • Flight Simulators: The Varjo XR-4’s impressive💫 high resolution and wide field of view offer flight simulator🚁 pilots a truly immersive experience. With detailed views of the cockpit ✈️and surroundings, it empowers pilots 🛫to make more informed and strategic👨‍✈️ in-game decisions.
  • Racing Games: The Varjo XR-4’s high resolution 🌐and wide field of view could provide a more realistic 🏁and immersive 🚗experience for racing🛣️ game players. They could see the track and other cars🏎️ in great detail, which could help them race faster and more accurately.

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  • Role-playing Games: The Varjo XR-4’s high resolution 📊and wide field of view could help players feel more 🌟immersed in the game world. They could see the characters and environment in great detail,📜 which could help them 🎭get more involved in the story.

Of course, whether or not the Varjo XR-4 is a good choice for🎮 gaming ultimately depends on the individual’s needs 🤔and preferences. Those looking for the most immersive and realistic gaming🌐 experience possible may find🕹️ the Varjo XR-4 is 💸worth the investment.


The Varjo XR-4 Series is a powerful🚀 and versatile tool for professional users. The XR-4 headsets boast high resolution,🚀 a wide field of view, and autofocus capabilities,🎯 making them perfect for diverse ✨applications like training,🛠️ simulation, design, and manufacturing. Despite their excellence, it’s worth noting they come with a hefty price tag,💸 weight, 💼and limited software compatibility.

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