Varjo xr3 Price and Specs: Mixed Reality Headset

Varjo takes center stage with its groundbreaking XR-3 headset, offering an unparalleled experience that blurs the lines between the virtual and real worlds in the ever-evolving landscape of mixed-reality technology. Let’s delve into the features that make Varjo XR3 a true game-changer.

Technical Specs of Varjo XR3:Explained

👓 Varjo XR-3 Mixed Reality Advancements 🌐

  1. Immersive Realism: Varjo XR3 goes beyond traditional AR headsets, offering a mixed-reality🌈 experience that feels incredibly real. These headset uses advanced ⚙️mixed reality tech, surpassing optical see-through systems commonly found in other AR devices.
  2. Virtual Object Integration: Transcends holographic augmentations, 🚀seamlessly blending virtual objects into the user’s real-world environment.
  3. Astonishing Realism: Virtual elements appear remarkably lifelike,🌟 enhancing the overall sense of presence and engagement.

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🌐 Varjo XR3 Seamless Integration Specs 📷

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  1. Ultra-Low Latency: 🕒 Varjo XR-3 has a Latency of less than 20 milliseconds, ensuring a near-instantaneous response minimizing delays for a smoother user experience.
  2. High-Fidelity Video Stream: Its 12-megapixel video 📸stream provides crystal-clear visuals, enhancing the overall fidelity of virtual visualizations.
  3. Real-Time Exploration: 🚀 Users can explore virtual content seamlessly integrated into their real-world surroundings in real time.
  4. Versatile Modes: 🔄 It quickly switches between XR, AR, and VR modes, adapting to different content and user preferences.
  5. User-Controlled Interactions: 🎮 Users will have control over their interactions, allowing them to engage with virtual content according to their preferences.
  6. Interactive Learning: 📚 It is Ideal for educational applications, enabling interactive learning experiences by integrating virtual visualizations.
  7. Enhanced Productivity: 📈 Varjo XR3 also boosts productivity with a versatile headset that adapts to different work modes and tasks.
  8. Responsive Controls: 🎮 Its controls respond promptly to user inputs, enhancing the overall responsiveness and usability of the XR-3.
  9. Virtual Tourism: 🌍 Users can virtually explore different locations seamlessly integrated into their immediate surroundings.
  10. Realistic 3D Modeling: 🖼️ Its 3D models appear realistically within the user’s environment, adding depth and dimension to virtual visualizations.
  11. 360-Degree Interactivity: 🔄 Users can interact with virtual content from all angles, providing a truly immersive and dynamic experience.
  12. Dynamic Data Visualization: 📊 It enables dynamic data visualization within the user’s physical environment for enhanced understanding.
  13. Minimal Disruption: ⚡ Switching between modes is designed to be seamless, minimizing any user experience disruption.
  14. Enhanced Entertainment: 🎭 It elevates entertainment experiences with virtual elements seamlessly blended into the real world.
  15. Efficient Remote Collaboration: 🤝 It also enhances remote collaboration by allowing users to integrate virtual elements into video conferences seamlessly.

🔧 Varjo XR3 XR/VR Headset Compatibility with 3D Platforms 🌐

  1. Unity Compatibility: Varjo XR/VR seamlessly integrates with Unity, 🎮a widely used platform for creating 3D games and applications.
  2. Unreal Engine Integration: Compatible with Unreal Engine, providing access🚀 to advanced tools for immersive 3D content creation.
  3. OpenXR 1.0 Support: ⚙️ Varjo’s headsets support OpenXR 1.0, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of XR applications and platforms.
  4. Autodesk VRED Compatibility: 🖥️It is designed for professionals; Varjo XR3 works seamlessly with Autodesk VRED for 3D visualization.
  5. PREPAR3D Integration: 🛫 Compatible with PREPAR3D, enhancing the realism of flight simulations and virtual training scenarios.
  6. VBS Blue IG Support: 🌐 Varjo XR3 headsets are compatible with VBS Blue IG, contributing to realistic and immersive military training simulations.
  7. Extensive Software Compatibility: 🔄 Varjo’s compatibility extends to a growing list of professional 3D software, ensuring flexibility for various industries.
  8. PTC Creo Support: Varjo’s compatibility extends to PTC Creo, 🚗enhancing the 3D design and engineering process.
  9. Substance Painter Connectivity: Compatible with Substance Painter,🎨 facilitating the creation of realistic textures for 3D models.
  10. 3ds Max Integration: Varjo XR-3 seamlessly integrates with 3ds Max, 🏗️offering artists and designers a powerful 3D modeling and animation tool.
  11. Mudbox Support: Compatible with Mudbox, providing digital sculptors🏺 with a dynamic and immersive workspace.

Integrations to Support 3D Creations of Varjo XR3

  1. Blender Integration: 🌀 Varjo XR/VR headsets can be used with Blender, a versatile open-source 3D content creation tool.
  2. SolidWorks Connectivity: 🔩 Professionals using SolidWorks can seamlessly integrate Varjo headsets into their 3D design and engineering workflows.
  3. Rhino 3D Support: 🦏 Compatible with Rhino 3D, offering designers a powerful tool for creating and editing 3D models.
  4. Maya Integration: Varjo XR-3 supports Maya, providing animators and designers 🎨with a high-quality VR/AR environment for their projects.
  5. MixedReality Toolkit Compatibility: It integrates effortlessly with the MixedReality Toolkit,🧰 enhancing the development of mixed-reality applications.
  6. Dassault Systèmes CATIA Support: It is compatible with CATIA, enabling professionals 🚗in the automotive industry to utilize Varjo for immersive design reviews.
  7. Modo Connectivity: It supports Modo, a 3D modeling and rendering software, 🎨for enhanced visualization experiences.
  8. Adobe Substance 3D Compatibility: Compatible with Adobe Substance 3D tools, 🎨providing a comprehensive 3D design and texturing solution.
  9. Pixyz Plugin Integration: Works seamlessly with Pixyz Plugin, enhancing data 🛠️preparation and optimization for 3D workflows.
  10. Ansys Discovery Live Support: Varjo headsets support Ansys Discovery Live, facilitating ⚙️real-time simulation and analysis in 3D environments.
  11. Enscape Plugin Compatibility: Compatible with Enscape, enabling architects 🏡and designers to visualize and explore 3D models in real time.
  12. Revit Integration: Varjo is compatible with Revit, offering architects and engineers🏢 an immersive platform for exploring building designs.
  13. KeyShot Connectivity: Supports KeyShot, allowing users to experience high-quality 🌈real-time rendering in an immersive VR environment.
  14. Siemens NX Compatibility: Compatible with Siemens NX, supporting engineers🚄 in designing and simulating products in a virtual environment.

Tools to Support 3D Creations of Varjo xr3

  1. MATLAB Compatibility: Varjo xr3 headsets are compatible with MATLAB,📊 facilitating immersive data visualization and analysis.
  2. AECOsim Building Designer Compatibility: Works with AECOsim Building Designer,🏢 supporting architects in designing and analyzing building information models.
  3. Altair Inspire Integration: Varjo XR3 headsets support Altair Inspire, 🌌enhancing the virtual exploration of innovative engineering designs.
  4. Cinema 4D Connectivity: Compatible with Cinema 4D, offering filmmakers 🎬and animators an immersive platform for content creation.
  5. NUKE Plugin Support: Integrates with NUKE, providing filmmakers and visual effects🚀 artists with an immersive platform for post-production work.
  6. Epic Games Unreal Studio Support: Works seamlessly with Unreal Studio by Epic Games, 🎮enhancing the creation of high-quality interactive visualizations.
  7. Vectorworks Integration: Compatible with Vectorworks, providing architects and designers🌍 an immersive platform for exploring 3D designs.
  8. Navisworks Connectivity: Supports Navisworks, enabling professionals🚧 in the construction industry to visualize complex 3D models.
  9. WorldViz Vizard Compatibility: Works with WorldViz Vizard, enhancing 🌐the development and deployment of virtual reality applications.
  10. Simcenter 3D Support: Compatible with Simcenter 3D, offering engineers ⚙️a virtual environment for simulation and testing.
  11. Houdini Integration: Varjo XR/VR headsets integrate with Houdini, 🎥providing artists with a powerful tool for procedural 3D modeling and animation.
  12. ZBrush Connectivity: Compatible with ZBrush, allowing digital artists🎨 to sculpt and paint in a highly immersive virtual environment.
  13. Strata 3D Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Strata 3D, offering designers 🌐and artists a platform for creating 3D models and animations.
  14. Deltagen Integration: Compatible with Deltagen, enhancing the virtual product 🏭development process for automotive and industrial designers.
  15. Pilot3D Support: Varjo’s compatibility extends to Pilot3D, offering pilots ✈️and aviation professionals an immersive platform for training simulations.

🌐 Varjo XR3 Depth Awareness and Room Reconstruction Specs 📷

  1. LiDAR Sensor Integration: Varjo XR3 incorporates LiDAR sensor 🌈technology for precise depth awareness in mixed reality environments.
  2. Stereo RGB Video Feed: Utilizes a stereo RGB video feed to capture 🎥detailed visual information, enhancing depth perception accuracy.
  3. Hand Occlusion Precision: Achieves pixel-perfect hand occlusion,👋 ensuring virtual elements interact seamlessly with the user’s hands in the real world.
  4. Real-time 3D Room Reconstructions: Generates real-time 3D reconstructions of the room, 🏠creating a virtual representation of the user’s surroundings.
  5. Dynamic Spatial Mapping: Dynamically maps the spatial features of the room,🗺️ ensuring virtual elements align seamlessly with the physical environment.

👐👀 Varjo xr3 Hand Tracking and Eye Tracking Specs🌐

  1. Ultraleap Hand Tracking: Varjo incorporates this hand-tracking technology🖐️ to capture natural hand movements, enhancing immersive interactions. This advanced hand-tracking technology lets users engage with digital environments naturally and intuitively, creating a heightened immersion.
  2. Natural Hand Movement Replication: Ultraleap precisely replicates real-life hand 🔄movements, allowing users to interact naturally with virtual or real content.
  3. Complexity Capture: Captures all the intricacies of hand movements, 🌀providing a high level of detail for realistic and intuitive interactions.
  4. Built-in Eye Tracking: Varjo’s headset features built-in eye tracking 👁️at an impressive 200 Hz, enhancing the overall tracking accuracy.
  5. Foveated Rendering Power: Utilizes eye tracking for foveated rendering,💡 focusing rendering resources on the user’s direct line of sight for optimal performance.
  6. Human Eye Similarity: It works like the human eye, showing 👁️the part you’re looking at in precise detail.
  7. Real-Time Focus Adjustment: Dynamically adjusts focus in real-time,🎯 providing sharp and detailed visuals exactly where the user is looking.
  8. Training Analysis Utilization: Eye-tracking data can be utilized for sophisticated🏋️‍♂️ training analysis, enhancing the effectiveness of training simulations.
  9. Research Applications: Researchers can leverage eye-tracking data🧪 for in-depth studies and analysis, contributing to advancements in various fields.

🌐 Varjo XR3 Immersive Visual Specs👁️🌈

  1. Human-Eye Resolution: Shows super-detailed visuals 🌐with over 70 Pixels Per Degree, just like your eyes see.
  2. Mixed Reality Excellence: The world’s only display with🚀 ultra-high resolution, providing incredibly detailed visuals at over 70 Pixels Per Degree (PPD).
  3. Widest Field of View: Offers an expansive field of view 🌟at 115 degrees, providing users with a broader, more encompassing visual experience.
  4. Visual Fidelity Benchmark: Establishes a new benchmark 🔍for visual quality, delivering unmatched clarity and realism across different experiences.
  5. Unmatched Realism: Accurate and individually adjusted colors 🎨enhance the realism for an exceptional visual experience.

👓🔄 Varjo XR3 Comfort and Design Specs🌐👂

  1. 3-Point Precision Fit Headband: Made with a comfy headband 🧢that fits just suitable for everyone, regardless of head shape or size.
  2. Comfort for Prolonged Sessions: Enables comfort during longer immersive sessions,🕒 prioritizing user well-being during extended use.
  3. Automatic IPD Adjustment: Automatic IPD (Interpupillary Distance) adjustment🎯 enhances visual clarity and reduces eye strain for individual users.
  4. Active Cooling System: Incorporates an active cooling system❄️ to prevent discomfort during extended use, maintaining a comfortable temperature.
  5. 90 Hz Frame Rate: Features a high 90 Hz frame rate, ensuring smooth 🔄visuals and reducing the likelihood of simulator sickness during immersive experiences.
  6. Ultra-Wide Crystal Clear Lenses: Ultra-wide, crystal-clear lenses 🌈enhance the visual experience, providing a clear and expansive field of view.
  7. Non-Fresnel Lens Technology: Non-Fresnel lens technology minimizes eye strain 🔍and artifacts, offering a more natural and comfortable viewing experience.
  8. Work Comfortably without Eye Strain: The combination of high frame rate and non-Fresnel 👀lenses reduces eye strain, enabling comfortable and productive work sessions.
  9. Hygienic, Easy-to-Clean Materials: Uses easy-to-clean materials, 🧼perfect for sharing among different users with little effort.
  10. Multi-User Setup Compatibility: Designed for multi-user setups, 🤝ensuring hygiene and comfort for different users sharing the same headset.
  11. Glasses-Friendly Design: Accommodates users wearing glasses 👓comfortably, eliminating the need for constant adjustments or discomfort.
  12. Optimized Weight Distribution: Distributes the weight evenly across the head,⚖️ reducing pressure points and enhancing overall comfort.

🔐🌐 Varjo XR3 Security and Deployment Specs🚫💻

  1. Highest-Security Deployment: Varjo XR3 is suitable for deployment in 🛡️high-security environments, meeting rigorous information assurance procedures and requirements.
  2. No Automatic or Forced Downloads: Ensures user control by avoiding automatic 🚀or forced downloads, preventing unexpected updates or changes.
  3. Zero Personal Data Collection: Respects user privacy with zero personal data 🕵️‍♂️collection, enhancing data security and user confidentiality.
  4. No Data Transmission: No data is transmitted from the devices, 🌐ensuring that sensitive information remains within the secure environment.
  5. RF Transmitter Removal Option: You can remove the RF transmitter🔄 from the controllers for extra security in specific situations.
  6. Secure Setting Compatibility: Specifically designed for secure settings,🔒 ensuring seamless integration without compromising data integrity.
  7. Offline Mode Capability: Provides an offline version of the Varjo Subscription,🌐 enabling organizations to use Varjo XR3 without internet access.
  8. Customizable Security Settings: Allows organizations to customize ⚙️security settings based on specific requirements and protocols.

What’s in the box

1. Varjo XR3 Headset: 🕶️

  • Dive into mixed reality with the cutting-edge Varjo XR3 headset, offering an unparalleled visual experience.

2. Headset Adapters (x2): 🔌

  • Easily connect and set up your headset with the included adapters, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

3. Power Supply Units (x2): 🔋

  • Stay powered up and ready for extended use with the two included power supply units.

4. Power Plugs (6 total, 2 of each): 🌐⚡

  • Charge your headset anywhere in the world with various power plugs, ensuring compatibility in different regions.

5. Cleaning Cloth: 🧼

  • Keep your VR experience crystal clear using the included cleaning cloth to maintain the headset’s lenses.

6. Varjo Reference Marker: 🎯

  • Enhance tracking precision and accuracy with the Varjo reference marker, optimizing your mixed reality interactions.

Price of Varjo XR3

The price of the Varjo XR3 depends on the configuration. The base price for the Varjo XR3 is €6,495. It is available for business use only.

💻🌐 Varjo VR/XR-Compatible Computers Certification 🚀🔧

  1. Broad Compatibility: 🖥️ Varjo PC VR headsets are compatible with a wide range of Windows 10 and 11 computers, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.
  2. Industry-Leading Partnerships: 🤝 Varjo collaborates with industry leaders such as Lenovo, MSI, Razer, Corsair, Acer, and HP, establishing solid partnerships for optimal performance.
  3. Certification for Maximum Performance: Certified computers 🏆undergo thorough testing to ensure they work seamlessly with Varjo’s high-resolution headsets, providing an optimal XR/VR experience.
  4. Quick and Easy Setup: 🚀 Varjo simplifies the user experience by providing a list of recommended computers, making it quick and easy for users to choose a workstation that suits their needs.
  5. Continuous Testing for Future Compatibility: Partnered computers🖥️ undergo continuous testing,🔍 assuring users of ongoing🔧 compatibility with future 💡Varjo software releases, 🌐keeping the XR/VR experience 🚀up-to-date.
  6. Varjo Reality Cloud Compatibility: Computers certified for local use 🎯are also compatible 🔄with Varjo Reality Cloud, ☁️offering users a versatile and integrated🔗 experience across various applications and🌈 environments.


  • High price: The Varjo XR3 is a high-end headset with a price tag 💰to match. It primarily targets 🎯professional users 🏢and businesses and is not a good value for the average consumer.
  • Requires a powerful PC: The XR3 requires a high-end PC with a powerful graphics card 🖥️to run correctly. This can be an additional cost 💸for users who do not already have a suitable gaming PC.
  • Limited field of view: The XR3’s field of view is not as wide ⛔as some VR headsets, making some users feel 😬claustrophobic.
  • Not wireless: The XR-3 is not a wireless headset,⛓️ which can limit freedom of movement.
  • Subscription service: The XR-3 requires an annual subscription service🤝 to access certain features, such as eye tracking 👁️‍🗨️and 🖐️hand tracking.


In conclusion, Varjo XR3 stands at the forefront of mixed-reality technology, redefining immersive experiences with groundbreaking features. From its unparalleled human-eye resolution display to seamless integration capabilities and extensive compatibility with professional 3D platforms, Varjo XR-3 is a true game-changer.

There are some drawbacks, but the numerous advantages overshadow them, making it reasonable to overlook these limitations.

In essence, Varjo XR3 is not just a headset; it’s a gateway to a new dimension where virtual and real worlds seamlessly converge, setting the stage for a future of immersive possibilities.

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