Asus Rog gl753 Laptop Specs: Positive and Negative Reviews

The Asus ROG GL753 laptop strikes 💥a compelling balance 🎚️between power and affordability. It has a sleek design, a backlit keyboard,🎹 and an array of 🔌ports. Asus Rog gl753 Laptop has excellent specs 💯 tailored for immersive gaming and 🖥️computing experience.

Asus Rog gl753 Laptop Specs of CPU

Asus Rog gl753 Laptop Specs explained
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The CPU of the Asus Rog gl753 Laptop is available in two quad-core processors with different specs.

Intel Core i7-7700HQ:

  • Core Count: 4 cores
  • Threads: 8 threads (✨supports Hyper-Threading, which simulates additional threads for improved multitasking)
  • Performance: The i7-7700HQ is a high-performance quad-core processor often found in gaming laptops and workstations. It features a base clock speed,⏰ turbo boost capability,⚡ and supports Hyper-Threading.

Intel Core i5-7300HQ:

  • Core Count: 4 cores
  • Threads: 4 threads (❌does not support Hyper-Threading)
  • Performance specs: The i5-7300HQ is also a quad-core processor. The laptops, including the Asus Rog gl753 Laptop, have these core specs⚙️ that are generally considered mid-range 🖥️and perform well for various tasks 🎮but may not be as powerful as the i7 series. The absence of Hyper-Threading means it handles fewer threads simultaneously than the i7.

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GPU Specs of the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop

  1. Graphics Card Specs of Asus Rog gl753 Laptop: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  2. Memory (VRAM): 4GB GDDR5

Let’s get into depth about the specs of the Asus ROG GL753 laptop.

What it Means:

  • NVIDIA is a manufacturer of graphic cards.
  • The name of the model used in this laptop is GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
  • The GTX 1050 Ti is a mid-range graphics card suitable for🎮 gaming and general multimedia tasks.
  • GDDR5 Specs: The Asus ROG GL753 laptop has a 4GB capacity. It is an abbreviation of 🚀 (Graphics Double Data Rate 5). The 4GB GDDR5 VRAM is the memory for handling graphics data. More VRAM allows for better performance, especially in gaming, 🎬video editing, and📈 3D rendering tasks.
  • The “Ti” in the model name usually indicates 🔄a slightly more powerful version💥 than the non-Ti variant.


The Display specs of the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop are given below:

  • Resolution: Resolution of 🔝1920 x 1080 pixels, delivering Full High Definition (HD) clarity.
  • Screen Size🖥️: 17.3 inches.
  • Panel Type: In-Plane Switching(IPS).
    • IPS is a type of display technology 📡known for its superior color reproduction, wide viewing👁️ angles, and good color consistency across the screen.

Storage and Speed

HDD/SSD:1TB SSD + 1TB HDD, 5400 rpm

  1. Storage Type: Combination of SSD and HDD
  2. Capacities: 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD
  3. HDD Speed: 5400 revolutions per minute (rpm)

What It Means:

  • Combining an SSD and an HDD specs 💾compromises speed and storage 💽capacity in the Asus Rog gl753 laptop.
  • The 1TB SSD is likely used for the operating system 🖥️and frequently accessed programs, providing fast 💨boot times and responsiveness.
  • The 1TB HDD, with its larger capacity, is suitable 💡for storing larger files, such as📷 media libraries, 📑documents, and other data that don’t require the same speed as the SSD.

M.2 Slot and Interface specs of Asus ROG GL753 Laptop

  1. M.2 Slot: 1x 2280
  2. Interface: PCIe NVMe (M key)

1. M.2 Slot: 1x 2280

  • M.2: M.2 is a form factor for internally mounted📤 expansion cards and connectors. It is commonly used for solid-state drives (SSDs),💥 Wi-Fi cards,📡 and other peripherals. The “1x” indicates that there is one M.2 slot available.
  • 2280: This refers to the dimensions 📏of the M.2 slot. The numbers “22” and “80” represent the width and length of the M.2 module in millimeters. The slot supports 📈a 22mm wide and 80mm long module. This is a common size for M.2 SSDs.

2. Interface: PCIe NVMe (M key) Specs of the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop

  • Interface specs: The PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express)of Asus Rog gl753 laptop is a high-speed interface 💥for connecting various components inside a 🖥️computer. PCIe NVMe is a protocol that allows 💽SSDs to communicate with the rest of the system over the PCIe bus.
  • M key: M.2 slots have different keys 👀that determine the types of modules that can be inserted. The “M key” designates that the slot 🗄️is designed to support M.2 modules 💽that use the M keying, and in this context, it explicitly helps PCIe NVMe SSDs.

What It Means:

  • The M.2 slot with the specifications 🖥️”1x 2280 PCIe NVMe (M key)” indicates that the device has one M.2 slot available.
  • This slot is designed to accommodate M.2 SSDs 💽with a size of 22mm x 80mm and uses the PCIe NVMe interface for fast data transfer, making it suitable for high-performance storage solutions.
  • The M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs are known for faster🚀 data transfer💽 rates than traditional SATA SSDs, providing quicker⏩ system boot times and improved📈 application loading speeds.

RAM Specs of the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop

  • Capacity: 16GB RAM
  • Type: DDR4

What It Means:

  • The Asus Rog gl753 Laptop has 16GB💾 of DDR4🔧 RAM Specs, which is relatively suitable for many tasks. This amount of RAM is ideal for everyday computing, productivity tasks, and even some demanding applications🎬 such as photo📷 or video📹 editing.
  • DDR4🔧 technology ensures that the RAM operates efficiently 👾and at higher speeds than older DDR3💽 or DDR2🔧 RAM.

Operating System (OS)

  • Win10 Home🏠 operating system comes pre-installed 💻on the Asus ROG GL753.

Body Material

  • The laptop’s💻 body is made of plastic🍼, polycarbonate 💠 and aluminum. Different parts🔩 of the laptop may be made from other 💼 materials🛠️.


  • It’s a relatively🔄 large laptop💻 with a width of 16.34 inches📏, a depth of 10.75 inches📏, and a thickness📐 of 1.18 inches.


  • The laptop🖥️ weighs 2.80 kilograms⚖️ or 6.2 pounds. Generally, a lighter🍃 laptop💻 is👉 more portable🌐, while heavier🏋️‍♂️ one1⃣ might🤔 be less🚫 convenient. A weight⚖️ of 2.80 kg suggests that it is👉 not🚫 the lightest🍃 laptop💻, but it is still 🔄 within a reasonable range for a 17-inch class laptop💻.

Ports and Connectivity

Ports Specs of the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop

  • 1⃣xUSB 2.0🔌 ports (Type-A) are suitable📏 for basic📜 peripherals like keyboards⌨️ and mice🖱️ but may🤷 be slower🐌 for data📊 transfer than USB 3.0 or👉 higher.
  • 3⃣xUSB 3.2🔌 Gen 1 ports (Type-A) offer faster data📊 transfer speeds💨, making them ideal👌 for👉 external📎 hard drives📁, SSDs📀, and other high-speed devices. USB 3.2 Gen 1 is a newer and faster🚀 version of USB. Moreover, It transfers 📊data at 5⃣ (Gbps), around 🔟 times faster than 2.0 USB.
  • 1⃣xUSB 3.2🔌 Gen 1 port (Type-C) can transfer data at👉 up📈 to👉 5⃣ gigabits📏 per second (Gbps), just like the Type-A ports mentioned earlier📅. Moreover, The USB Type-C port is a versatile🎭 and reversible🔄 connector🔗, allowing🎫 you to plug🔌 in devices🖥️ without🚫 worrying💭 about the plug’s orientation.

Video output options and Card Reader

  • HDMI and Mini DisplayPort🔗: These ports🔌 connect💽 the👉 device to external📺 displays. You can also choose🤔 between👉 HDMI and mini DisplayPort based📊 on the compatibility👥 of your external display or personal👤 preference👍. Both ports🔌 support high-quality📷 audio🎵 and video📹 signals💽.
  • Card Reader📖: This feature is useful👍 for individuals👥 who frequently work👔 with cameras📷 or other📎 devices🖥️ that use memory📸 cards🃏. Instead of connecting🔗 the devices directly👆, you👉 can insert🔍 the memory📸 card into the card reader📖 to transfer📊 data📎.


  • Ethernet LAN: This device supports high-speed wired network connections through the 🔌Ethernet port. This device supports Ethernet speeds of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbit/s.
  • Wi-Fi Specs: Wireless connectivity 🌐of Asus Rog gl753 is provided through the 802.11ac standard, offering fast and reliable wireless networking.
  • Bluetooth: The laptop has Bluetooth 4.0 supports the device’s connection 🔗to various Bluetooth-enabled peripherals and accessories.
  • Audio jack (Combo audio/microphone jack): The combo jack allows you🔍 to use a single port for audio output and input, which is also practical for users👤 who want to use headsets with combined audio and microphone functionality.

Additional Features

  • HDWeb Camera📷🌐: The laptop💻 has an HD webcam📸 provides 💽 a higher📈 resolution🖼️ for video📹 calls📞 and capturing📸 images📷 than💭 lower-resolution📊 webcams📸.
  • Backlit Keyboard🎹 Specs: The backlit🔆 keyboard🎹 of this Asus Rog🎮 gl753 laptopis💭 convenient for typing in low-light🌙 conditions🌈, providing better👍 visibility👁️ of thekeys🎹. It’s optional; you can choose🤔 to include📤 it or not❌.
  • Microphone🎤: The built-in🏭 microphone allows you to record🎙️ audio🔊 and participate in voice or video📹 calls📞 without🚫 needing🙅 external🌐 microphones.
  • Fingerprint👆: This laptop💻 has💼 an optional🤔 fingerprint feature🔍 for additional➕ security🔐. So, you can choose to include it👆 or not❌.
  • Speakers🔊: The built-in🏭 speakers🔊 in the Asus Rog gl753 provide💽 audio🔊 output🔝 for various🔄 applications, including📤 multimedia🖼️ content and system sounds.
  • Optical Drive Specs💼: The optical drive of the Asus Rog gl753 laptop allows you to👉 read📖 and write🖋️ data from optical discs💽, offering versatility🔄 for tasks📋 such as installing software💽, watching👀 movies🎬, or burning🔥 data onto CDs💿 or DVDs📀.
  • Security LockSlot🔐: The security lock slot🎰 provides a physical security🔐 option💡, allowing you to secure the device🖥️ to a fixed object🏢 using a cable🔗 lock to help prevent🚫 theft💰.

Asus Rog gl753 Laptop Specs Reviews

Sure, Here are reviews for the specs of Asus ROG GL753 gaming laptop:

Positive Reviews or Pros

  • TechRadar: “It’s a bit heavy 🏋️at 6.6 pounds, but it’s not enough❌ to be a major dealbreaker.”
  • Laptop Mag📰: “The Asus ROG GL753 laptop offers gaming 🎮 on a budget with a comfortable keyboard🎹 and vivid 🎨display.”
  • Windows Central: “Great on-the-go gaming for a 💰 decent price.”

Users also mentioned the following positives:

  • Colorful and vibrant screen.
  • High-quality keyboard with customizable lighting.
  • Extended duration of battery usage.
  • Many input/output options.
  • Intensely illuminated In-Plane Switching display.
  • Wide sRGB, High Contrast, Optimal Color Temperature.
  • Absence of Pulse Width Modulation, reducing eye strain.

Negative Reviews or Cons

  • CNET: “Glitzy gaming laptop🎮 is a bump from basic.”
  • TechRadar: “It struggles with 🎮intensive games at🔝 high settings.”

Users also mentioned the following negatives:

  • Gets hot 🔥during challenging tasks.
  • Subpar 👎audio quality.
  • Relatively heavy🏋️ in weight.
  • Doubtful ❓construction durability.
  • Graphics processing slows🐌 down during intense tasks.
  • Inconsistent temperature 🌡️distribution among CPU cores.
  • Poor-quality touchpad, 👎likely affecting usability.

Overall, the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop is a great choice 👍for gamers looking 👀for a powerful, affordable gaming🎮 laptop. It has much to offer, including a powerful processor, 💪a vivid display, a comfortable keyboard,🎹 and a 🔋long battery life.

Here are some additional details 📝about the Asus ROG GL753 Laptop:

  • Design: The laptop has a sleek and stylish 🕶️brushed metal finish.
  • Cooling: The laptop has a dual-fan💨 cooling system 🌬️that helps to keep it cool under pressure.
  • Audio: The laptop has two 🔊 speakers and a subwoofer for immersive audio.
  • Software: The laptop has various 🕹️gaming-focused software, including 🎤ASUS GameFirst and GameVoice.


In summary, the Asus ROG GL753 stands out⚠️ as a powerful yet💓 budget-friendly gaming laptop, 🔝prioritizing the key specs that 👌gamers value. Its vibrant display,🌈 potent processors, and versatile storage options🗄️ make it a compelling choice. Moreover, The sleek design, 🎨thoughtful features,💭 and 👍 user👤 reviews solidify the GL753’s position as a reliable and comprehensive solution 📚for those seeking🕵️ Asus Rog gl753 Laptop Specs in a gaming laptop.

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