Top 14 Picks in AR Games using AR Technology

Augmented reality (AR) games 🕹️ encompass video games that use AR technology 🌐 to superimpose digital elements 🔍 onto the real world. This elevation in the gaming experience 🎮 permits players 👥 to engage with virtual objects and characters 🧑‍🎤, creating an immersive 🌈 and interactive environment as if they were tangible.

Some of the most popular AR games include:

Pokémon GO’s AR Games Bring Pokémon to Life

In this game, players can capture and train🕵️‍♂️ virtual Pokémon within the 🌍real-world environment.

Gameplay of Pokémon GO’s AR Games

Virtual reality and AR Technology in games
Image Credit: Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Pokémon GO uses a smartphone’s GPS 🌐📍 and camera 📷📱 to overlay Pokémon 🐾 onto the real world. Players 👥 walk around their neighborhoods 🏡🚶 and surrounding areas to find Pokémon 🕵️‍♂️, which appear on the screen 📲 as if they are standing right in front of them. Players 👾 can tap on the Pokémon 🎮 to initiate a capture attempt.

To capture a Pokémon, players 🎮 must throw a Poké Ball 🏀 at it. The success rate 📈 of a capture attempt depends on the Pokémon’s strength 💪, the accuracy 🎯 of the throw, and the type 🔍 of Poké Ball 🌐 used. Once a Pokémon is captured, it can be trained 🏋️‍♂️ and used in battles ⚔️.

Players 🕹️ can also visit \ PokéStops 📍 and Gyms 🏰, which are real-world locations for these AR games 🗺️ that are marked on the game’s map

PokeStops 🛑 serve as points where players collect various items 🎁, including Poke Balls 🏀, Potions 💊, and Berries 🍓. Gyms 🏋️‍♂️ act as arenas for players to engage in battles ⚔️, pitting their Pokémon against those of other players.

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Discover, Connect, Conquer: Ingress AR Games Await

This is one of AR science fiction-themed 🚀👾 games in which players 🎮 capture and control virtual portals 🌀 in the real world.


Players 🕹️ use their smartphones 📱 to locate and interact with “portals” 🔍 near their real-world location. Portals 🗺️ can be found at various locations, such as historical landmarks 🏰, public art 🎨, and everyday objects 🏠.

Once a faction captures a portal 🌀, it can be linked to other nearby portals 🗺️ to create “fields” 🌐. Fields 🌈 are areas of XM energy ⚡ that are controlled by the faction that owns the portals. The more fields 🌐 a faction controls, the more XM energy ⚡ they generate.

XM energy ⚡ upgrade portals 🌀, deploy force amplifiers ⚙️, and create capsules 🧊.In addition, force amplifiers ⚙️ increase the strength 💪 of a portal, and capsules 🧊 can be used to capture or attack portals.

Players 🎮 can also earn experience points (XP) 🌟 by capturing portals, linking portals 🗺️, and deploying force amplifiers ⚙️. XP 🌟 can be used to level up ⬆️, which unlocks new abilities 🛡️ and items 🎁.

The Walking Dead: Our World

In this game, players can collaborate👥 and combat virtual zombies 🧟within the real world.

In the immersive augmented reality (AR) game The Walking Dead: Our World, players 🎮 step into a world overrun by walkers 🚶‍♂️, the undead creatures 💀 that threaten humanity’s survival. Armed 🔫 with an arsenal of weapons 🛡️ and a team 👥 of iconic characters 🎭 from the AMC TV series The Walking Dead, players must scavenge 🕵️ for resources, rescue survivors 🚑, and defend their surroundings 🏠 against the relentless hordes of walkers 🚶‍♂️.

Zombie Encounters Gameplay: The Walking Dead AR Games Thrill

  • Hunt Walkers: Engage in thrilling first-person shooter 🔫 action as you aim and fire 🔥 at walkers. Use various weapons 🏹, including pistols 🔫, rifles 🪖, shotguns 🔫, and even crossbows 🏹. Precision 🎯 is key, as headshots 💥 are essential for efficient takedowns.
  • Explore and Scavenge: Traverse your real-world surroundings 🌍, using your smartphone’s 📱 camera 📸 to overlay walkers 🚶‍♂️ and other interactive elements into the environment 🏞️. Explore abandoned buildings 🏚️, collect supplies 🎒, and discover hidden caches of weapons 🔍 and ammunition 🔫.
  • Build and Upgrade Shelters: Establish safe havens 🏡 for survivors 🚑 by constructing and fortifying shelters 🛡️. Gather resources 🔄, build defensive structures 🏰, and manage your shelter’s 🏡 resources. It can protect your community 👥 from walker attacks.
  • Team Up with Friends: Join forces 👥 with other players to form alliances in these AR Games⚔️ and tackle challenging missions 🌐 together. So, coordinate strategies 🤝, communicate effectively 🗣️, and combine your firepower 🔥 to overcome formidable walker onslaughts.
  • Collect and Upgrade Heroes: Unlock and upgrade iconic characters 🎭 from The Walking Dead, such as Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and many more. Each hero possesses unique abilities 🛡️ and skills 🔄 . In addition, these can boost your team’s effectiveness in combat.

Jurassic World Alive

These AR games enable players 🎮to gather and engage in battles with virtual dinosaurs🦕 within the real world.


Players 🕹️ use their smartphones 📱 to locate and interact with DNA darts 🧬 scattered throughout their real-world surroundings 🌍. These DNA darts 🧬 contain genetic material 🧪 from various dinosaur species 🦖 that have been resurrected through cloning technology.

Once a DNA dart 🧬 is obtained, players 🎮 can use it to hatch a dinosaur 🥚 by incubating it in an incubator 🧪. Incubators 🧪 can be upgraded to accommodate rarer and more powerful dinosaurs 🦕 in these AR Games.

After hatching, dinosaurs 🦖 can be trained 🏋️‍♂️ to improve their stats 📊 and unlock new abilities 🛡️. Players 🎮 can also equip dinosaurs 🦕 with gear 🛠️ to enhance their performance further.

Players 🎮 can battle ⚔️ their dinosaurs 🦕 against other players’ dinosaurs 🦖 in real-time PvP battles. In arenas 🏟️overlaid onto the real world using AR technology for these games, actions ⚔️ are taking place.

Players 🎮 can also participate in cooperative challenges 🤝 with other players to defeat bosses in these AR Games👾 and earn rewards 🏆.

Dragon Tales in Your World: The Excitement of AR Dragon Games

This game lets you hatch and raise a virtual dragon 🐉 in your home. You can feed 🍎🍗 your dragon, train 🏋️‍♂️ it, and even take it for walks 🚶‍♂️ in the real world.


Players 🕹️ begin by hatching a dragon egg 🥚, from which a baby dragon 🐣 emerges. The baby dragon 🐣 can then be fed 🍏🍖, trained 🏋️, and taken for walks 🚶‍♂️ in the real world.

Players 🎮 can feed 🍇🍆 their dragon various foods 🍲, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat 🥩. They can also train 🏋️ their dragon to perform tricks like flying 🕊️ and breathing fire 🔥. Players can walk 🚶‍♂️with their dragon 🐲 in the real world, using their smartphone’s📱 camera 📸to superimpose the dragon🐉 onto their surroundings.

As the dragon 🐉 grows, it will evolve into different stages 🔄, from a baby dragon 🐣 to a teenage dragon 🧑‍🎤 to an adult dragon 🐉. Each stage of the dragon’s life has its unique challenges 🤹‍♂️ and rewards 🏆.

AR Zombie Hunter


In AR Zombie Hunter, you find yourself in a world overrun by hordes 🧟‍♂️ of undead creatures. Armed 🔫 with your smartphone 📱, you navigate 🗺️ through the ravaged streets 🏚️. Additionally, You battle ⚔️ against waves 🌊 of zombies 🧟‍♂️ and other monstrous threats 👹. Your smartphone’s 📱 camera 📸 transforms the real world 🌍 into an augmented reality battlefield 🌐. It overlays virtual zombies 🧟 onto your surroundings.

Use your smartphone’s 📱 gyroscope 🔄 and touchscreen 📲 for these AR games. Aim 🎯 and fire 🔥 your virtual weapon 🔫, precisely dispatching the undead 🧟‍♂️. So, As you progress, unlock 🔓 new weapons and upgrades 🔄. Enhance your firepower 🔥 and unlock 🔓 new tactics 📊 to confront increasingly challenging zombie 🧟 encounters.

AR Basketball

Crossover to AR: Dribble and Score with AR Basketball Gameplay

Transform any location 🌍 into a virtual basketball 🏀 court with AR Basketball. Whether you’re in your backyard 🏡, a park 🌳, or even your living room 🛋️, you can practice your dribbling skills 🏀, shoot hoops 🎯, and challenge friends 👥 to games.

Your smartphone’s 📱 camera 📸 captures your movements 🏃‍♂️, overlaying a virtual basketball 🏀 onto your surroundings. The ball 🏀 reacts realistically as you move 🚶, bouncing off walls 🏠 and rims 🔄.

  • Practice your free throws 🏀.
  • Hone your dribbling technique 🏀.
  • Engage in intense multiplayer matches ⚔️ with friends in these AR games👥.

AR Ruler

Gameplay of AR Ruler Games

Revolutionize your measuring tasks 🔧 with AR Ruler, an augmented reality app 📱🌐 that turns your smartphone 📲 into a versatile measuring tool. Whether measuring furniture 🪑, estimating distances 📏, or determining the height 📐 of objects, AR Ruler easily provides accurate measurements.

Your smartphone’s 📱 camera 📸 becomes the measuring instrument 📏. It also allows you to extend the ruler 📐 onto any surface virtually. Moreover, point your smartphone 📱 towards the object you want to measure. The app 📱 will display the distance or height 📏 on your screen 📲.

AR Car Driving Simulator Games in Your Hands

Gameplay of AR Car Driving Simulator Games

Experience the thrill 🏎️🌐 of driving a car 🚗 in the real world with the AR Car Driving Simulator Games. Choose from a variety 🌈 of cars 🚙, each with its unique handling 🎮 and performance characteristics.

Your smartphone’s 📱 camera 📸 becomes the virtual windshield 🚗, overlaying the car 🚗 onto your surroundings. As you move 🔄 your smartphone 📱, the car 🚗 responds accordingly, turning 🔄 and accelerating 🏎️ in response to your movements 🏃‍♂️. So, experience the adrenaline rush ⚡ of racing 🏁 against friends 👥 or simply cruising 🚗 through the virtual cityscape 🌆.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Gameplay of Harry Potter AR Games

Step into the magical world 🧙‍♂️🌐 of Harry Potter with Wizards Unite, one of the augmented reality games 📱🎮 that immerses you in the wizarding world. Explore your real-world surroundings 🌍 to discover hidden magical creatures 🧚‍♂️, collect powerful artifacts 🏺, and master spells 🪄.

Your smartphone 📱 becomes your wand 🪄, allowing you to cast spells, brew potions 🍵, and engage in magical duels ⚔️ with fellow witches and wizards 🧙‍♀️. So, Collaborate with other players 👥 to combat foes ⚔️, uncover secrets 🕵️‍♂️, and experience the wonders 🌟 of the wizarding world firsthand.

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AR Galaxy Far, Far Away: Go on Games Valley with Jedi Adventures


Train like a Jedi 🌌👨‍🚀 and wield the power of the Force 🌟 in Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. Engage in lightsaber duels, deflect blaster bolts 💥, and utilize iconic Star Wars weapons 🚀 and abilities 🌌.

Your smartphone 📱 becomes your virtual lightsaber, allowing you to perform realistic lightsaber movements ⚔️ and engage in immersive battles ⚔️ against other Jedi or Sith. So, as you progress, you’ll unlock 🔓 new abilities 🌟 and challenges 🏆, mastering the Force 🌌 and becoming a true Jedi Knight 🛡️.

Minecraft Earth


Bring the world 🌍🏡 of Minecraft to life with Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality game 📱🎮 that blends the virtual world 🌐 with your real-world surroundings. Gather resources ⛏️, build structures 🏰, and explore Minecraft worlds 🌍 that seamlessly integrate into your everyday environment.

Your smartphone’s 📱 camera 📸 transforms your surroundings 🌆 into a Minecraft canvas 🎨. Walk around your neighborhood 🏡 to gather virtual resources ⛏️, then use them to construct elaborate buildings 🏰 and structures 🌉. Engage in collaborative projects 🤝 with friends 👥, creating a shared Minecraft world 🌍 that exists simultaneously in the virtual and real realms.

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The Witcher: Monster Hunter

The gameplay of Witcher AR Games

Venture into the world 🌍👹 of The Witcher as a monster hunter 🗡️, tracking down and defeating fearsome creatures 🦇 in augmented reality. Utilize your smartphone 📱 to hunt 🏹, prepare potions 🧪, and wield your sword 🗡️ in epic battles ⚔️.

Your smartphone 📱 becomes your monster-hunting companion 🦉, guiding you to the locations 📍 of elusive beasts 🐉. So, track their movements 🚶‍♂️, prepare the necessary potions 🧪, and engage in thrilling sword fights ⚔️ as you confront a variety 🌈 of monstrous foes 👾.

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The Sims Mobile AR

Create, Customize, Interact: The Sims Mobile in Augmented Reality

Design, decorate, and manage your virtual home 🏡✨ in the real world with The Sims Mobile AR.So, create a personalized living space for your Sims, interact with them through your smartphone 📱, and watch their lives unfold.

Your smartphone 📱 becomes your Sims’ window to the world 🌐, allowing you to observe their daily routines 📅, guide their actions 🕹️, and even participate in their activities 🎭. So, Customize your home 🏡 with a variety 🌈 of furniture 🛋️ and décor 🖼️, creating a virtual home 🏡 that reflects your style ✨.

AR games are still a relatively new gaming genre, 🌟 but they can potentially revolutionize how we play games. We can expect 🎮to see even more innovative and immersive🚀 AR games as AR technology improves.

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